Ute Bockstegers, Former Chair and CEO, Bayer South East Europe

“I had the distinct pleasure to work numerous times with Gayl between 2013 and 2018, inviting her skilful and highly flexible approach to individual, team and group coaching.

Her attention to intent and outcomes and her courage to use more novel approaches allowed for exciting and rich team discussions and developments – including open feedback between individuals and leaders alike – enabling the development of true trust and purpose.

I admire Gayl for her courage hidden behind a calm and empathic professional approach. I have seldom worked with coaches who moved the needle on teamwork as much as Gayl.”

John Miller, Director, Integrity In Action Ltd, Consultancy, Interim Management Training

“Gayl’s work was invaluable. It made a great difference to me, as an experienced leader in business, to have someone of her calibre and insight to assist me with exploring options and ultimately making a decision to move out of mainstream business and into the charity sector. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gayl and her In8 Resources approach to friends and colleagues. Her personal warmth combined with her many years of direct HR work mean that she brings an insight and credible professionalism that is unbeatable.”

Angela Bley, Supply Chain Business Analyst, Bayer

“I had the pleasure of working with Gayl during my Short Term Assignment in the UK being in a leadership position for the first time in my life. Gayl’s coaching has turned around my life. People around me tell me that I have a different energy, I am much more relaxed and positive. I have better relationships with my team, colleagues and better results in my job. I am a just a new person today. The coaching received during the last three months has been the most valuable development measure during my 13 years at work. I cannot recommend Gayl highly enough as a Coach.”

Alison Willis, Owner at Alison Joy Nutrition, formerly Commercial Academy Director, BP

I had some very challenging situations and was feeling confused and paralysed.  I was struggling to see how the future would get better.  Through her trust and faith in me I was able to see more positive examples of where I had overcome difficult situations in the past and gradually increase my confidence and courage to face some difficult decisions.  This was a real turning point for me and I feel blessed to have worked with Gayl at this time.  I have worked with other coaches in both personal and professional context before and since and I still believe that this was one of the most powerful relationships I have had.  I found Gayl sensitive, supportive and suitably challenging and I’m pleased to say that life is now looking very good!”

Martina Flavin Director, Ithaca Coaching & Training

“I whole-heartedly recommend Gayl as an excellent coach. She has a wonderful ability to bring clarity to any situation and create momentum for goal achievement. Skilfully and empathically, she provides an optimum balance of challenge and support. She champions people to be all that they can be.”