Richard Owen, Program Manager (Global R&D Strategic Procurement), Bayer Plc

“Gayl’s coaching has provided me with a safe environment in which to grow as a professional as well as a person. Each session has built on the successes of the last and been focused on the program goals. Feedback and quality measures have kept the program on track. Gayl’s clever use of her many and varied coaching tools have undoubtedly enabled me to understand my true potential and given me a great push forward on my journey.”

Christina Scheuerle, International Sales Expert, Career and Wellness Coach, Reiki Master

“I was privileged to receive coaching sessions with Gayl. She has a warm-hearted and empathic coaching style which made me feel at ease and understood. At the same time Gayl has the gift to use her caring intuition when she challenged my thinking. As a result, I got insights into some key questions that I would not have got otherwise. What I have taken away from the coaching is a strong foundation for implementing my next steps towards my big dream. Thank you, Gayl!”