A key part of finding out who you are and how you tick is a personality and/or behaviour profile. These offer you and opportunity to self-assess to find out who you think you are through a series of online questions based on models of psychology.


An in-depth personality profile offering information about five dimensions of personality and behaviours; usual behaviour, underlying needs and motivations, stress behaviours, areas of interest and organizational focus.

It sits well in any coaching programme and is particularly useful for career coaching as it provides a profile matching your personality to suitable occupations.

Birkman is also a great for team building– providing great data on the different styles and approaches of team members, meaning they can get to know each other better, build trust and ways of working that make the best of everyone’s unique abilities and strengths.

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EQ Behavioural Profile is an emotional intelligence profile which provides insights into to how we use our personality and behaviours to be effective and resilient. Drawn from a range of psychological and EQ models, it highlights our attitude to ourselves and others, how well we regulate our own emotions and behaviour to thrive personally and relate to others.  For more details please see:


Disc and OPQ available on request