“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same as making a life.” Maya Angelou

Are you at a natural career transition point, seeking a new direction?

Have you have been in the same job for a long time and you feel tired and don’t get the same buzz or excitement you used to?

Perhaps you just feel that your work is not a really who you are, you have a hunch deep down that you could be happier and more fulfilled doing something else?

You might be very good at what you do. However, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best path. However, choosing a career or making a career change can be a scary prospect. Inertia can sometimes seem an attractive option when you don’t really know where to start.

Going through a Firework Careers Coaching Programme© will help you to find a career which is attuned to who you really are, what you really love to do, what makes you feel energised and motivated.

I’m a certified career coach and consultant based in Ascot, Berkshire who’s been working with professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers for over 25 years. I help them achieve their personal and professional goals, and have long, rewarding careers. If you feel like you’re at a crossroads and need employment or career change coaching then don’t hesitate to get in contact.
I offer my career coaching services across Berkshire and Surrey including Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell and the Thames Valley. Live further afield? No problem! I can take sessions online via Zoom. 

“I have had the privilege of having a coaching plan with Gayl which has greatly helped me in making a couple of life changing decisions. Gayl’s approach is gentle but challenging. She does not take the first reply as final, asking relevant questions each time you give her an answer to get to the bottom of the topic. She uses a wide variety of resources and spends as much time as is necessary with you. She loves her job!”

Marta Bernardez Villar
Primary School Teacher, Spain

“I cannot recommend Gayl highly enough as a Coach. When I met with her in 2015, I wanted to start my own business but I was stuck. Through face-to-face and skype coaching sessions, Gayl helped me to develop my self-knoweldge and confidence, challenged me to identify the barriers to achieving my goal, and encouraged me to identify tactical steps, providing useful insights along the way. Gayl is extremely knowledgeable, competent, professional and personable, and I enjoyed my coaching sessions with her. By the end of the coaching period, I had set up my business and resigned from my job, and I honestly do not think I could have done it without Gayl!”

Heather Mills
Business Owner, Duck Soup HR

“I was privileged to receive coaching sessions with Gayl. She has a warm-hearted and empathic coaching style which made me feel at ease and understood. At the same time Gayl has the gift to use her caring intuition when she challenged my thinking. As a result, I got insights into some key questions that I would not have got otherwise. What I have taken away from the coaching is a strong foundation for implementing my next steps towards my big dream. Thank you, Gayl!”

Christina Scheuerle
International Sales Expert, Career and Wellness Coach, Reiki Master

“I was very lucky to have Gayl as my coach over a three month period during a very difficult time. I was taking voluntary redundancy and had a long notice period to work through. Gayl was absolutely fantastic, her approach, understanding, empathy and caring style really worked for me and helped me see the positive and take control of my own destiny! She challenged me, which drew out thoughts I’d not taken the time to reflect on, which was invaluable as I worked through the job hunting process. I always left my coaching sessions re energised and with a smile. I’d thoroughly recommend Gayl for her coaching.”

Zoe Harber
JR HR Manager, Mondelez International

“I was so impressed by how much I managed to achieve with Gayl’s guidance on my short but intense career coaching journey. She helped me to uncover some assumptions I have been holding for many years, which allowed me to be honest with myself and to find out what I truly like doing. Thanks to her direct, empathetic, provocative and focused style we both explored a map of possibilities for the roles which might suit me and she empowered me to take my development in my own hands. I feel I am on the right track to find my next BEST move. Thank you Gayl, it’s been a pleasure having you as my career coach!”

Lucia Proffitt
Logistics Coordinator, Mars

“I would strongly recommend Gayl as a career coach. She was hugely helpful in helping me to take a step back, review my own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, through a combination of methods including psychometrics, self-reflection and additional feedback from colleagues. By asking searching questions in a balanced way, she was able to spot hesitation and prevarication, which helped me to to reach a deeper understanding of myself and situation. I now look at myself and my skills in a more positive light that is already translating into what I feel to be an improved performance.”

Nick Gassman
Senior Manager, Research and Design Tech

“Gayl is just the greatest. She’s 100% genuine, 100% kind, 100% empowering and 100% challenging. Gayl helped me to see the positive impact I can have on my clients and was instrumental in helping me to feel brave and empowered to start my own business. Gayl also recommended and connected me to a great mentor to help build my skills. Proof that Gayl is focused on getting the best results for her clients no matter how that happens.”

Jane Stacey
Managing Director, IDEACAKE, Marketing and Communications

“I can thoroughly recommend Gayl as a career coach. I worked with Gayl after leaving Mars Inc and she helped me get clear on what I wanted from my career and how I was going to go about getting it. Gayl is challenging, thoughtful, supportive and insightful. She brings a breadth of tools and perspective that is, in my experience, unusual in coaching today. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career or you are stuck in a career rut then Gayl will help you.”

Chris Disley
Business Transformation Consultant at GKN Automotive

“Gayl was wonderful in helping me through an important transformational phase in my career. I was looking for someone who could help me define my values and career purpose, and she supported me so well in the process to reaching those goals. We worked with various tools like the Firework Career Coaching Programme, the Birkman Programme, drawing, painting, creative exercises, words, visualisation exercises, meditation, surveys, unique abilities cloud defining, until capturing the essence of my values, purpose, skills and strengths. She was true and always working with a fantastically positive mindset that gives wings to go through the questioning and challenges. The empathy, advice and professionalism she brings to her coaching really gave me all the mental and technical support I needed to define my career pathway and value in a peaceful mindset. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Victoria Dormeuil
Eventing and Olympic Sports Manager


For my career coaching clients, I use the Fireworks Career Coaching Programme as it provides a comprehensive and detailed framework for us to explore your aspirations and how we can get you there.

Explore – here we will help you identify your purpose, what gives you a sense of meaning in life, your values, skills, interests and passions building a comprehensive picture of not just what you want in your work but also how this fits with the bigger picture what you want in your life.

Dream – together we will brainstorm ideas and look at all possibilities, giving the imagination full reign before focussing down on three main ideas with achievable pathways.

Discover – this is where it starts to feel real as you develop a compelling vision for the future with a roadmap and concrete actions to make it happen.

As part of the programme, you will also complete a Birkman© personality and careers profile receiving one to one feedback and a written report all of which provide unique insights into your strengths and true interests and motivations.

With extensive experience in Human Resources and Recruitment, I am highly equipped to help clients with smartening up CV’s, preparing for interviews, creating an awareness of winning language both verbal and non verbal, how and when to use it.

Does this sound like something you need? Are you ready to start career coaching and have a fulfilling, successful career? Don’t hesitate to contact me below.

“I have had the privilege of having a coaching plan with Gayl which has greatly helped me in making a couple of life changing decisions. Gayl's approach is gentle but challenging. She does not take the first reply as final, asking relevant questions each time you give her an answer to get to the bottom of the topic. She uses a wide variety of resources and spends as much time as is necessary with you. She loves her job!”

Marta Bernardez Villar

Primary School Teacher, Spain

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