“Being coached is a fulfilling experience and if you were to pass up the opportunity you would be denying yourself an opportunity to enrich your life and the life of those you interact with.”
Richard Owen, Head Procurement R & D Operations (interim)


Here are some practical examples clients have shared with me about what they see as the result of their coaching:

  • Feeling happier, calmer, less stressed, more relaxed, satisfied, resourceful, confident and congruent
  • Increased emotional intelligence, personal resilience and stress management
  • Having a clear, congruent and actionable career and life plan
  • Getting promoted
  • Getting a job that fits with values and personality
  • Being ready for the new role and successful in it
  • Getting a better performance rating
  • Increased employee engagement scores
  • Managing organisational change successfully

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A good coach facilitates learning, they won’t teach you, or tell you what to do.  It is a process of self-directed learning, where the coach asks questions and the client’s find their own answers.

Coaching helps people to learn what they can do to perform at their best, realise their potential and achieve sustainable success. For many, it is a holistic and life enhancing experience, the benefits experienced well beyond the workplace or immediate issues at hand.

Coaching creates greater self-awareness and self-confidence, enabling clients to move from feeling stuck or a victim of circumstance to being fully in charge of their own destiny, making improvements in work and in life that are sustainable. 

A good coach creates a safe, open and confidential space where you can be completely yourself with non-judgement. They ask insightful questions, listen to you deeply, offer you honest feedback, help harvest new insights. They offer resources and assignments to deepen your learning.  This generates new perspectives, new ways of behaving, of working; new strategies and approaches which you can apply and practice immediately at work and in life. 

Coaching is a reflective process; learning happens both in, after and between sessions and is reinforced experientially as below:

The best results come when clients take away new ideas and approaches from coaching, experiment and apply  them to real situations in work/life,  then reflect on and learn from the results. In this way, learning is ongoing all the time, in between sessions not just while the coaching is taking place.

Awareness in itself can be transformational. Sometimes, there is a light bulb aha moment  but change is often incremental, a result of fine tuning. Practicing new behaviours lays down new neural pathways to become embedded as new habits that endure over time.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself and the process, trust that whatever emerges from coaching has a time, place and impact.

Once you start the journey of nurturing and developing yourself through coaching, you will never look back. It’s a journey that continues for the rest of your life helping you to grow and learn consciously from every experience you have.

How to get the most from coaching? It’s an input: output equation – quite simply the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  See my blog article for more on this: A Blueprint for Being An Amazing Coaching Client 

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The start point for our work with many clients is a nagging sense that “something could be better”, even though the “something” isn’t always clear.   No matter where the client is at that point, they may feel highly successful and at the top of their game, or frustrated they are not quite getting the results they want, there is an underlying compelling driver to improve, to be even better.  

Below are examples of challenges that clients have brought to coaching. 

These fall into three categories of Leading – Self, Others and Futures 

Leading Self

  • Stress, overwhelm & burnout    
  • Lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, perfectionism
  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships, team work and conflict
  • Lack of assertiveness
  • Lack of motivation and mojo
  • Lack of personal and or career direction                                

Leading Others

  • Preparing for and stepping up to next Level Leadership – Manager – Leader – Director – CEO
  • Leading Teams – Purpose, Vision, Values, Goals, Behaviours, Objectives
  • Engaging and empowering teams 
  • Developing and Flexing Leadership Style
  • Developing Executive Presence, Impact and Gravitas
  • Developing Strategic Thinking Capability and Capacity
  • Leading VS Managing
  • Leading and influencing without authority – across the enterprise, cross functionally and globally.
  • Leading and managing organisational change

Leading Futures

  • Lack of career goals, direction and planning
  • Not realising full potential
  • Frustration at not getting promoted
  • Feeling stuck where you are now and not knowing how to move forward
  • Having lost a job or made redundant

We will work with you to co-create a coaching bespoke agenda that is as unique as you are, meeting your specific needs in the moment, working with your learning style and supported by relevant resources and assignments.