My approach is multi-faceted, drawing on years of experience of combining a range validated assessment tools and methodologies in the moment, working with the intelligence of the mind and body, somatic and cognitive approaches.

Coaching methodologies include: NLP, Co-Active Coaching, Systemic Constellations, Gestalt, Somatic.

Perhaps the best tool that I bring to coaching though is a witnessing non-judgemental presence that listens with the heart, focuses attention and responds to what emerges in the moment.

360 Feedback and Psychometric Profiling

360 feedback and psychometric profiling are invaluable tools to increase self-awareness. This is fundamental to creating a foundation for transformative coaching, whilst they can also be useful as stand-alone information to aid personal development.

Psychometric profiles offer a self-assessment of our personalities, interests, behaviours, strengths, needs and growth areas. Whilst 360 feedback provides a rare opportunity for an external perspective, to see how others really see us. They can be used individually or together depending on your needs and coaching interests.


I’ve been coaching 360 and psychometric feedback for the whole of my working life – both in HR and as a coach. Given my extensive corporate background, I take time to really understand the personal and organisational context of the reports and use my long experience of interpretation to help clients find objective and deep insights into themselves and their organisations.

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