“We are inadvertently in love with the influence of power. And we need to be in love with the power of influence.”

A quote from the Berlin Wall


We believe this has never been more relevant than now. The business environment we live in often requires influence without formal authority, across cultural and geographical boundaries. This means that effective influence is about creating a true win: win approach, building trusting and sustainable relationships to win and maintain future business.

Outcomes of this 1 day workshop include participants being able to:

  • Establish clear and focused influencing goals, prepare and execute a strategic approach
  • Learn, develop and practice new influencing strategies that apply to face to face and in remote influencing situations
  • Develop a win: win approach which builds and sustains strong relationship
  • Demonstrate a greater range of influencing behaviours

Prior to the workshop, delegates initiate a 360 influencing style feedback process helps them to understand their own influencing style, strengths and focus on key areas for development. Delegates use this data in the workshop to build and practice skills in relation to their specific needs.

A highly practical workshop, participants work on real influence challenges from their day to day work, developing and practicing higher level influencing skills which are immediately transferrable in the workplace. They will identify their key stakeholders, plan and practice their influencing strategy gaining feedback from other participants.

Influencing Remotely is a separate ½ day module building on the Influencing In Action workshop specifically designed with remote and global teams in mind. This workshop applies the principles of influencing in action to improve influence via email, telephone, instant messenger and conference calls.