"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them" Tim Gallwey


Coaching is about helping you find ways of leading yourself, to tune into your authentic best self. This is an inner place where you can relate to and lead others better, where you can lead yourself into a congruent and fulfilling future.

A good coach is trusted partner, providing a confidential, non judgemental breathing space so that you start to see the bigger picture of the life and work you really want. They walk with you on every step of the journey. At the end of coaching, you will have a new way of thinking and being, and be equipped with the strategies to perform sustainably at your best.

“I whole-heartedly recommend Gayl as an excellent coach. She has a wonderful ability to bring clarity to any situation and create momentum for goal achievement. Skilfully and empathically, she provides an optimum balance of challenge and support. She champions people to be all that they can be.”  

Martina Flavin

Director, Ithaca Coaching & Training

Control your own destiny

When you have more self-awareness, you immediately have more choice – the key to developing behavioural agility and sustainable strategies to succeed.

Instead of being a small dinghy buffeted and blown in every direction by the winds and storms, suddenly you are in control of your destiny. At the helm of your own sturdy ship, you know what direction to take, how to read the conditions, when to go at full speed or slow down, when to drop anchor … and always moving with purpose.

Once you start the journey of nurturing and developing yourself, it continues for the rest of your life.

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Gayl is an energetic, smart and effective coach. Her sessions are both enjoyable and tiring helping you to learn about yourself and your team. I will definitely be contacting Gayl in the future and would thoroughly recommend her to others.

Raoul Tiddy

VP Engineering, Sophos