“Mindfulness practice means that we commit fully in each moment to be present; inviting ourselves to interface with this moment in full awareness, with the intention to embody as best we can an orientation of calmness, mindfulness, and equanimity right here and right now.” John Kabat Zinn

With combination of experience of the corporate world and teaching yoga, I am uniquely placed to offer mindfulness training to private individuals, groups and corporate organisations. The training is practical, science and evidence designed to offer mindfulness in easy, bite size chunks with practical tools to navigate everyday life. You will learn simple techniques that make an immediate impact just by meditating for 10 minutes a day.

This 6-week course takes only 1 hour per week, supported by 10-minute daily practice assignments which embed and reinforce learning, laying the foundations for new and more effective attention and awareness habits. It can be offered remotely via Zoom or in person.

Specialist training in Workplace Mindfulness with

What you will get:

  • A practical understanding of the concepts and benefits of mindfulness 
  • Experience and learn mindfulness practices, know how to integrate and apply them to everyday life
  • Increased ability to be present and focus attention on real events
  • Improved awareness of thoughts and emotions to enable greater resilience, adaptability, innovation and creativity