James Burleigh – Divisional Director Conservation, Welfare and Engagement, Merlin Entertainments plc

Having never had a coach before and been advised that “it would be good for me”, my initial engagement must, on reflection have been, to say the least, a tad defensive!

However after our first session I was on board and Gayl’s approach was absolutely perfect. She is incredibly perceptive and drills down into key issues with ease.

Having been with the same management team for quite some time I needed a bit of reconstruction in certain areas and I cannot speak highly enough of the work Gayl put in to support me and ultimately adapt my style and approach to empower me for onward success.

The process is tough at times but ultimately rewarding.

I would consider us to now be firm friends which I think demonstrates what a great judge of character she is!!”

Nicola Penfound, Bayer plc

“I have no hesitation is recommending Gayl as a coach.  She really gets to know you and the goals you are trying to reach from a career and personal perspective.  She challenges you to think and look at the inner you drawing out all the needs that are not being met and gives confidence to build frameworks to achieve these goals.”

James Darke Head of Global Cloud Technologies and Infrastructure Services, Specsavers

“I’ve been working with Gayl now over the past six years.  In that time my career has taken a number of turns and at each of those I’ve been able to guide my way through with her expert coaching.  Her methods can be adapted to any situation and we’ve specifically found walking and talking to be of particular benefit.  My leadership style has matured during that period and I’ve been able to find coping methods to overcome periods of stress, conflict and where decisions are to be made.  Some of the key areas we’ve covered have been; understanding triggers and seeing flash points before they occur, building relationships and managing those stakeholders who can both help and influence my career, and being able to see beyond the immediate to plan a career path that helps me achieve my goals.  Gayl’s style has been to coach but never lead, encourage where necessary and to always question.  Thanks.”

Alison Richie

I had some very challenging situations and was feeling confused and paralysed.  I was struggling to see how the future would get better.  Through her trust and faith in me I was able to see more positive examples of where I had overcome difficult situations in the past and gradually increase my confidence and courage to face some difficult decisions.  This was a real turning point for me and I feel blessed to have worked with Gayl at this time.  I have worked with other coaches in both personal and professional context before and since and I still believe that this was one of the most powerful relationships I have had.  I found Gayl sensitive, supportive and suitably challenging and I’m pleased to say that life is now looking very good!”

Steve Painter, Owner at Painter Public Relations (formerly Head of Bayer Corporate Communications)

“As an executive coach, Gayl skilfully helped me to increase self awareness, drawing out my strengths and weaknesses and helping me to develop and focus on goals and strategies for personal and professional improvement and success. Gayl’s coaching was very often challenging, but always useful and worthwhile for its successful and sustainable outcomes. As a team coach, Gayl’s work has had a highly beneficial impact, helping the team to improve trust, communications and effectiveness. Her skill and experience as a facilitator and coach, combined with her friendly and engaging style, really helped us to achieve our desired outcomes.”