Coaching tools: 360 & psychometrics

360 feedback and psychometric profiling are invaluable tools to increase self-awareness. This is fundamental to creating a foundation for transformative coaching, whilst they can also be useful as stand-alone information to aid personal development.

Profiles available: Birkman, EQ, OPQ and Disc.

Psychometric profiles offer a self-assessment of our personalities, interests, behaviours, strengths, needs and growth areas. Whilst 360 feedback provides a rare opportunity for an external perspective, to see how others really see us. They can be used individually or together depending on your needs and coaching interests.


Why use me?

I’ve been coaching 360 and psychometric feedback for the whole of my working life – both in HR and as a coach. Given my extensive corporate background, I take time to really understand the personal and organisational context of the reports and use my long experience of interpretation to help clients find objective and deep insights into themselves and their organisations.

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360 Feedback

Psychometric Profiling

360 Feedback

It is always hard to see ourselves as other see us. 360 Feedback is a very powerful tool to understand how we are perceived, raise self-awareness and serves as a strong spur for personal development and behaviour change. It is a very good companion to support coaching, learning and development as it acts as a pair of “outer eyes” generating multiple perspectives of how others see you comparing this to how you see yourself.

What is 360 and how does it work?

360 is a survey of how others perceive you. Participants identify a range of people to offer feedback which is elicited using an online survey questionnaire or alternatively via a series of telephone calls to key contacts by an independent coach.

Once a report is generated, your feedback is explored with a coach who will bring a completely confidential, balanced and objective perspective of the data, help you to interpret the results and build a development plan to take you forward.

What are the benefits of using a coach for 360 feedback?

Working with a coach helps to ensure that participants and organisations get the best value from the process.  A coach provides benefits that cannot be easily attained from within the company, in particular:

  • A completely independent and impartial view – objective sounding board
  • Confidentiality – issues can be explored in depth without any hidden agendas or vested interests, leading to greater honesty, openness and accountability.
  • A balanced perspective between strengths and development areas
  • Help with next steps and development planning – brainstorming ideas and options

What 360 survey methods are used?

Online Questionnaires

We partner with TruScore and GetFeedback both global assessment company with over 4 decades of experience, specializing in 360s and survey customization.

TruScore 360 feedback assessments are based on the Task Cycle®, a validated theory of leadership and management roles.  The comprehensive set of assessments from TruScore measures the fundamental skills of mission-critical organizational roles. For more information please see

Get Feedback offer validated and robust 360° feedback using the Schroder Leadership Framework of high performance behaviours

In house 360 Surveys

Organisations often have their own 360 surveys based on behavioural competency frameworks relevant to them – we love to work with existing 360 surveys, understanding your organisation, behaviours valued and your survey.

Telephone 360 Surveys

Using a series of structured questions, we gather feedback confidentially and produce a written report, often alongside psychometric profiles. Interviewers probe answers given, often producing very deep insights and rich information.

Psychometric Profiling

A key part of finding out who you are and how you tick is a personality and/or behaviour profile. These offer you and opportunity to find out who you think you are through a series of online questions based on models of psychology.

Birkman Personality Profile

An in-depth personality profile offering information about five dimensions of personality and behaviours; usual behaviour, underlying needs and motivations, stress behaviours, areas of interest and organizational focus.

It sits well in any coaching programme and is particularly useful for career coaching as it provides a profile matching your personality to suitable occupations.

Birkman is also a great for team building– providing great data on the different styles and approaches of team members, meaning they can get to know each other better, build trust and ways of working that make the best of everyone’s unique abilities and strengths.

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EQ Behavioural Profile

EQ Behavioural Profile is an emotional intelligence profile which provides insights into to how we use our personality and behaviours to be effective and resilient. Drawn from a range of psychological and EQ models, it highlights our attitude to ourselves and others, how well we regulate our own emotions and behaviour to thrive personally and relate to others.  For more details please see

Other profiles offered on request include: OPQ, 16pf and Disc.

For each profile, we will have an in-depth session to explore your results, make sense and meaning of them, and think about how they apply to your everyday life and work. From this you will be able to get an objective view of the strengths you can leverage, areas for personal and professional growth. It will help shape our coaching agenda and inform your development planning. 

My view of psychometrics – they are a great tool for exploration, but they are not perfect.  You may not agree with all of the report you get.  The answers to your questions are correlated by computer against models of psychology. 

You will always get a detailed feedback session with me, the real value in profiling comes from the discussion, in being curious and open; trying to understand why certain results appear as they do.  This might be because you had a certain context in mind or situation, or the way in which you interpreted the question. It doesn’t matter, it is all rich information which is explored to yield insights that make sense and have practical applications.